The Four Elements ''Ignis'' J.J. Haid after Jean-Antione Watteau c.1760


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From a series of four Mezzo & Aquatint; The Four Elements ''Ignis''  after J.A.Watteau. A rare and unique coloured edition of this series.

Engraving by:I.I. Heid sculsit / Joh. Elias Ridinger excud. cum Pr. Johann Jacob Haid after Jean-Antione Watteau

Augsberg, ca. 1760

Condition:Some Age related toning, edges have some tears and are a bit worn, especially the down-left-right corners are worn badly. Footer is cut & missing (originally there was a text below the engraving), Some bump & an fold in the middle of the engraving. Is recently repaired at some tears. Overall a bad to decent copy when framed and repaired properly, scan photographs carefully.
Size:ca 54x42 cm, tight margins. Footer is cut & missing.
Archive code:portraits 4.K

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