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Published : 05-09-2016 15:40:05
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In this article artist Alle Jong shares some of his artistic activities

The past is the Present

I have always been fascinated how every second of our lives is dying in it's moment of existence.  Every second is followed by instant death? We always thank our lives but I think we should thank our memory. We are thankfull to our life because of the many memory's we have gained during our lives. It is the the present moment combined with reconizing our memory's that makes us alive, I think.

Using historical objects

I use many authentic historical objects in my artworks. For an recent still unfinished artwork I have installed many antique prints of people looking at manuscripts or books. I placed those authentic prints in my charcoal drawings. The metaphor of someone losing itself in another world fascinates me. Next to this part of the drawing I will draw a copy of the Flammarion drawing which is by an unknown artist and published in 1888. It shows a man on an mythical quest, reaching the outer skin into the unknown. I will expand this engraving and draw it further into the skies of my own drawing. I see my artworks as Konstkaemers, or rooms of thought. They are drawn spaces full of information which you yourself have to connect into meaning or wonder.

Above; Flammarion engraving

When I start seeing these allegoric connections I try to create more complex ones out of those. For this drawing i am thinking to draw an conversation between two figures, this image should add another feeling of meaning to the whole image. Who are those two figures? What is their connection to the rest of the image?

Every artwork an Self-portrait Landscape

Above phorograph shows an installation of antique prints embedded within an artwork in progress by Alle Jong

You always see me in my artworks. I travel trough my world like a child playing under his table, it is a personal journey nobody can see or experience. I report these personal thoughts, adventures, worlds trough my artworks making them visible for other people. In a sence they are always landscape-portraits of myself. I hope the wonders i had when seeing or discovering beautiful methaphors or thoughts can be exposed trough my artworks and seen by others.

Discover more art here at the official artistic  website artist Alle jong

An recent drawing by Alle Jong where he used original framed artworks by artist Dirk Arnoldus Tavenraat (1845-1930) within his own artwork.

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